Our new project

I know only a couple of us have experience with blogging, but I love the idea of having a blog for the Great Plains Writers Group! Thank you to Nicole for jumping right in and starting it. I hope those of you who have never blogged (or aren’t even sure HOW to blog) will give this format a try. Personally, I think this format ties in a great deal with what we talked about Wednesday: silencing our inner critics, writing from the heart, and sharing our thoughts about writing with each other and anyone else who might come along with an interest.

I find blogging to be a very freeing experience. When I blog, it’s almost like a stream of consciousness. I’m less worried about perfection. (By the way, if you’re reading this post and find a bunch of e’s missing I have nothing against them- my “e” key seems to be protesting its use tonight). A blog is a great way to express my thoughts about a topic (in this case writing). Usually, when I blog about something, it’s because it’s something I feel passionate about, or something I need to process. I’m big on talking through my thoughts, but there isn’t always someone available to listen. Blogging allows me to put it all out there for consumption. Sometimes there is feedback, most times nothing; but it feels good to WRITE, and my mind is lighter afterward.

Most of my blog posts on my personal blog are a snapshot of what’s happening in my world at a given moment- what’s important to me. Often there isn’t a lot of detail, but it’s a wonderful tool for remembering the details of stories I’d like to write later, as it allows me to go back and re-read and re-experience what I was feeling. Blogging, for me, is about capturing the heart of the story and sharing. It’s something I often struggle with when I sit down to write memoir or other pieces, because I get too caught up with the fact and forget to include the feelings: the touch, taste, smell of it all. I guess you could say blogging helps me find a different angle in my story.

Like Nicole, I feel that I express myself better through writing than I do speaking. I can choose my words more carefully, get them in the right order, ensure I am saying exactly what I mean to say. Oops- that sounds a lot like my inner critic talking! At any rate, I hope our group will embrace this new project as an extension of our Wednesday night meetings; as a way to continue the conversation about writing even when we can’t be together. I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts!


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